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Joshua Micah

"We're In Heaven", "When the World Ends", & Let It Go (EP)

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For Joshua Micah music is more than a vacation, it's a life mission.

At just the age of 8, Joshua Micah picked up a guitar and taught himself to play and began to compose songs. "It felt like a natural progression from teaching myself to play drums at the age of 5," he jokes, noting his parents encouraged him to pursue his natural gift by replacing the pots and pans he practiced on with a drum set. "Looking back, I believe in my heart that I was born to make music."

Joshua's need to perform eventually broke him out of his solitary music self-education. He started a band called, "Light the City" and also joined his local Manchester, Connecticut church band. Both created a balance between the carefree energy of jamming with his band and maintaining ties to his family's long-held spiritual faith. "It was truly the best of both worlds," Joshua says.

Eventually, momentum built and his band took to the stage for over 200 shows on an East Coast tour. "We grew a steady following of fans in and around the New England area", Joshua recalls, adding that they won several local 'battle of the bands' competitions. This led them to their biggest show, in front of an audience of over 1500. As will happen with young musicians heading to the end of their high-school lives, Micah's band eventually grew apart. "But I couldn't stop," Joshua says with a smile, "I kept writing and pursuing music."

Joshua's journey would then take him from his small town in Connecticut to the pulsating energy of Barcelona, Spain. "Half of our family is in Spain," he says before adding that his Mother, Gina, reached out via Facebook to a distant cousin: Oliver Orbea Schmitz, a well-known Producer/DJ in Ibiza noted for his tenure in venues like the world-renowned Club Amnesia. Gina secretly passed on many of the songs Josh had worked on to Oliver who was so impressed that he immediately shared them with his production team known as The House Rejects. (including Oliver, Micah Sherman and Alex del Amo) and a few key music industry friends.

Enter Sea to Sun Recordings' President, Sylvia Tosun, and Director of A&R, Anton Bass. "We heard something unique in Joshua's music that made us want to hear more," Bass says. A whirlwind of activity resulted in Joshua signing to Sea To Sun Recordings and jetting off to Barcelona to record his full-length debut, mixed by the famed 4 time Grammy winner, Tom Lord-Alge.

Joshua's freshman EP has been titled "Let it Go" and it is destined to blur the lines of pop, dance and rock. His music has been influencing great industry buzz - he's currently in rotation on Sirius XM's "20 on 20" and was first played in the US by the host of "The Morning Jolt," Larry Flick. His songs, "When The World Ends", "One Day I'm Gonna Tell Her", and "Don't Let Me Down" off his upcoming EP have been featured on ABC Family's "The Vineyard."

Joshua's star is just beginning to shine and he is primed to be a new force within the music industry. "If we truly give our best work and stay persistent, we can do anything we want and what I want is to make music for people to connect with."

Joshua's 'Let it Go (EP)' is available now.